Documentation & archiving strategies
Documentation of contemporary art covers a wide spectrum of technical and conceptual aspects, i.e. the documentation of light, sound, space, movement, video, interaction with visitors, tactility and olfactory, etc. In order to preserve, present and understand these art works, innovative instruments and structures are required. Without adequate documentation and conservation management, many of these works will not be accessible in the future.

Research into documentation and archiving strategies included most of these challenging aspects of documentation and archiving. A large number of guidelines, models, applications and tutorials were the result of 9 specials studies into the documentation of installation art.

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inside Installations documentation model
1.1 The Inside Installations Documentation Model - 2IDM
1.2. History
1.3. Data-Model map
(page includes A-1 Data-Model, A-2 Data-Model legend, A-3 Basic modules)
1.4. Create records
(page includes B-1 Create new artefact, B-2 Add new Information, B-3 Record history in artefact modules)
1.5. Create links
(page includes B-4 Create link to artist, B-5 Add material/technique control information, B-6 Add/Create new location information)
1.6. Create structure
(page includes B-7 Add technical information guided by checklists, Checklist Installation art, Checklist Kinetic art, Checklist Video-tapes, Data-Model scenario: loan request procedures)

document structure by Tate and S.M.A.K.
(page includes Structure, Application)

Document manager
(page includes Document Manager, Install source files (zip), How to install source files (doc and txt), DocMan Templates (zip), Stand alone executable (exe)

Documentation of light
Introduction to the documentation of light
(pages include Glossary of light technology (an English and German version)

Documentation of motion and sound
1.1 Documentation of movement
(page includes English introduction to the Documentation of Kinetic Art (an English and German version), Photographic Documentation of Movement (an English and German version), 3-D Video Analysis (an English and German version)
1.2 Movement & preservation
(page includes Friction and Wear (an English and German version), Electric Motors: Introduction and Maintenance (an English and German version)
2.1 Documentation of sound
(page includes Recording the sound of installation art objects (an English and German version))
2.2 Sound Case Study Zwanikken
(page includes Christiaan Zwanikken, Frantic Diggers (2004, overview), Christiaan Zwanikken, Frantic Diggers (2004), sound recordings))
2.3 Sound Case Study Walde
(page includes Martin Walde, Potions ( 2001), sound recordings)
2.4 Sound Case Study Tinguely
(page includes Jean Tinguely, Frigo Duchamp (1960), Jean Tinguely, Frigo Duchamp (1960), sound recording)

Measurements of installation art
The measurement of installation art
(page includes Measurement at Pinakothek der Moderne, Verfahrung und Instrumente Vermessung)

Video documentation of installations
Online course Video Documentation of Installations

3D Documentation
3-D Documentation
(page includes Virtual Installation Research Project, 3-D Onderzoek Timo Breukelhof, 3-D Documentation of Installations)
3-D instruction manual
(page includes Revolution 3-D)
What´s the meaning of VR photography / VR panoramas? - A brief introduction to and overview of technical matters