2.3 Sound Case Study Walde (2007)
creator(s) Reinhard Bek (conservator), Robert Hermann (audio restoration specialist), Martin Walde (*1957)

Potions, 2001, 3.3 x 3.3m

MS microphone array above the white pot of Martin Waldes potions. In this case, the upper microphone (M, cardioid) is pointed straight at the white container, and mainly records this sound. The lower microphone (S, bidirectional) also captures the sound of the “surroundings” The advantage of MS stereo is that the signals can be matrixed in postproduction. The relative gain of the two signals can be adjusted to provide varying degrees of stereo width. You get two acoustic perspectives (M = close perspective of the sound source, S = spatial acoustics) with a simple two-channel recording.

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