2. History (2007)

Authors Gunnar Heydenreich, Martina Pfenninger, Ulrike Baumgart, Reinhard Bek, Maike Grün, Ulrich Lang, Barbara Sommermeyer, Thomas Zirlewagen, Craig Gordon
Contributors Karen te Brake-Baldock, Gisela Schulte-Dornberg, Mellissa Klotz, Tatja Scholte, Cornelia Weyer
Map Design ort schwankl gbr, Markus Ort, Andreas Schwankl

The Inside Installations Documentation Model (2IDM) emerged from the project group ‘Documentation of Contemporary Art’ within the German Conservators Association (Verband der Restauratoren). The project group was established in 2002.

Founding members were: Reinhard Bek, Museum Tinguely, Basel; Maike Grün, Doerner Institut, München; Gunnar Heydenreich, Restaurierungszentrum Düsseldorf; Ulrich Lang, Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt; Katrin Radermacher, Kunsthalle Mannheim; Barbara Sommermeyer, Hamburger Kunsthalle; Silke Zeich, Museum Folkwang, Essen; Thomas Zirlewagen, Museum für Neue Kunst / ZKM Karlsruhe and Ulrike Baumgart, art-documentation, Bonn. d:kult

Testing, application and further development of the model was conducted in collaboration with the comprehensive art and cultural archive, known as d:kult, for the municipal museums and archives of the city of Düsseldorf. In 2004 Düsseldorf’s cultural institutions contracted Gallery Systems for its museum management system application, The Museum System. An estimated 3.5 million objects and documents will be catalogued from 15 participating institutions.

Since then the model was further developed in collaboration with Gallery Systems and in 2006 several aspects of the 2IDM were integrated in TMS and thus will be available for many museums worldwide. Inside Installations In 2003 the project group joined an INCCA initiative to develop the Inside Installations research project. Since the start of the project in June 2004 the model was further developed together with input from all project partners.
In 2006 the ort schwankl gbr realised the visualisation of the model. ort@ammora-fhrobs.de
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