1. The Inside Installations Documentation Model - 2IDM (2007)

Authors Gunnar Heydenreich, Martina Pfenninger, Ulrike Baumgart, Reinhard Bek, Maike Grün, Ulrich Lang, Barbara Sommermeyer, Thomas Zirlewagen, Craig Gordo
Contributors Karen te Brake-Baldock, Gisela Schulte-Dornberg, Mellissa Klotz, Tatja Scholte, Cornelia Weyer
Map design ort schwankl gbr, Markus Ort, Andreas Schwankl

The Inside Installations Documentation Model (2IDM) provides a formal structure to record the evolution of artworks, in particular installations. The model aims to increase the understanding, preservation and accessibility of contemporary art. It provides a guideline how to structure information and relationships in any management system. The model does not attempt to detail all the information required from an administrative or collection point of view. The 2IDM is intended to support the preservation and presentation of contemporary art by providing an architecture that serves professionals to record, administrate and disseminate information and media. It is understood as a proposal for documentation specialists, curators and conservators to formulate requirements for information systems.

Objective and approach
Documentation of contemporary art covers a wide spectrum of technical and conceptual aspects, i.e. the documentation of light, sound, space, movement, video, interaction with visitors, tactility and olfactory, etc. In order to preserve, present and understand these artworks there are innovative instruments and structures required. Without adequate documentation and conservation management many of these works will not be accessible in the future. Today many museums are using digital collection management systems for documentation and maintenance of their artworks. These systems have been developed for traditional artworks such as paintings and sculptures. Complex multimedia installations are presently not considered, while the need for an adequate documentation of these works is extremely urgent for future preservation and re-presentation. The related media management is a major challenge for many museums.Within this project it was the aim to develop new strategies, tools and templates for the documentation, administration and maintenance of contemporary art.

The 2IDM provides an information architecture for and can be integrated into different collection management systems or other information systems. The model was developed in collaboration between conservators, art historians, scientists and developers of information systems and considers existing models. It is an example of synergised expertise, as it is the joint approach of professionals from various institutions with different collections.

The 2IDM aims to inform developers of information systems as a guide, in order to effectively structure and relate information according to the needs of conservation professionals. It may also serve professionals and students to structure documentation without a digital information system. The model does not attempt to design a complete collection management system; it rather provides a proposal from the view point of conservation professionals. The model reflects to some extent existing collection management systems and it enlarges the scope in many ways. As for example new technology continuously provides other possibilities for the documentation there is no doubt that the model continually needs to be re-examined and where appropriate, further developed

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