Knowledge management & information exchange
Sharing knowledge was one of the pillars of this project and its purpose was to use the website as main venue for dissemination. All research (case studies, additional studies into the five research themes as well as presentations during events) had to be incorporated and arranged according to the project’s organisational structure. Project’s participants were asked to upload the information to the website themselves using an online content management tool (managed by ICN).
The Inside Installations website thus is the result of collaboration and innovative technique which – as a combination - is exceptional in the field of cultural heritage. Its numerous web pages plus additional downloads and links, give profound insight into this new knowledge domain of artists’ installations.

Some attention was paid to e-learning resulting in a number of micro-sites: for the case studies of Bruce Nauman and Carlos Garaicoa, and Video documentation of installations.

Furthermore, tutorial powerpoint presentations on knowledge management, documentation and e-learning were results from this research activity.

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Carlos Garaicoa, Letter to the Censors (link to Tate website)
Knowledge Management
Documentation analysis (powerpoint)