33 case studies
33 case studies were carried out during the project. This process included art historical research, scientific research, re-installation, documentation and in some cases restoration. The artworks are extremely diverse and cover a range of installation types, each of which has specific problems that need to be addressed. The age of the works varies - the oldest being 'Aeromodelller' by Panamarenko (1969-1971), the most recent 'Interminavel' by Barrio (2005). Most of the works were created between 1995 and 2005.

Each case researcher uploaded the results of his/her case study research into the project website. Examples of results that are available for downloading are: condition reports, exhibition history, artist biography, installation manuals and a variety of visual documentation of the work (including some video documentation).

There are two ways to access information about the case studies on the project website - either via artists or artworks.

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