6. Create Structure (2007)

Authors Gunnar Heydenreich, Martina Pfenninger, Ulrike Baumgart, Reinhard Bek, Maike Grün, Ulrich Lang, Barbara Sommermeyer, Thomas Zirlewagen, Craig Gordon
Contributors Karen te Brake-Baldock, Gisela Schulte-Dornberg, Mellissa Klotz, Tatja Scholte, Cornelia Weyer
Map Design ort schwankl gbr, Markus Ort, Andreas Schwankl



To record information the user has to select a document category first (e.g. Technical Description, Analysis Report, Interview…). Subsequently the user selects a pre-designed structure for data entry, which is organised according to object type (e.g. Installation Art, Painting, Sculpture…). There is also the possibility to create specific structures if necessary. In addition to the proposed structure for recording technical information each field is combined with a specific checklist. The checklist provides guidance as to what is appropriate or essential to record. Checklists can be used as they are or modified according to need. (click download for pdf documents – checklists)

DATA-MODEL SCENARIO: LOAN REQUEST PROCEDURES (click download for pdf document)
This diagram illustrates as an example the various interactions between a borrower and a lender of an artwork and the consequential addition or consultation of data to or from the data model. The workflow can be supported by additional tools. The collection management system records also the status of each document and allows the user to decide when a specific document is completed and other users can have access.

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