Glauben Sie nicht, da▀ ich eine Amazone bin (1975)
Rosenbach, Ulrike

collection museum kunst palast, Düsseldorf
case researcher Gunnar Heydenreich, Heike Könitz, Martina Pfenninger, Cornelia Weyer, Restaurierungszentrum Düsseldorf

This installation including objects, photographs and a video was derived from a performance. Ulrike Rosenbach shot arrows into a black and white photo of Stephan Lochner’s éMadonna im Rosenhag’.
Heart of the installation is a target with 17 arrows as relict of the performance and a Single-Channel Video which is presented on a monitor. The video shows the images of both the virgin and the performing artist superimposed. Numerous b/w-photographs of the performance, video stills and colour photographs of amazon’s stereotypes are framing target and monitor. The complex imagery of the work comments female roles over times.
Curatorial as well as conservational interest focus on the special relationship between today’s installation elements and the performance from which they are derived.

dimensions variable