Artist interview (2006)
creator(s) Martina Pfenninger (conservator); Heike Koenitz (conservator); Cornelia Weyer (conservator/art historian); Gunnar Heydenreich (conservator); Franziska Stoldt (conservation student)

Ulrike Rosenbach participated in the decision making process throughout the work on ‘Glauben Sie nicht, dass ich eine Amazone bin’. On Dec. 11th 2006 she gave an artist interview at the museum kunst palast with all conservator-restorers and the curator as interviewers, whereas before and afterwards she met with some of the restorers in order to discuss further questions. In addition there is e-mail correspondence.
For the setting of the interview the installation elements were arranged in a way simulating the presentation of 1986 to 1993. The interview started with questions on the artwork’s history and the artist’s intention as reflected by her nowadays. Then the conservator-restorers reported on the artwork’s state and possible ways of dealing with damages and losses. Models were presented for the reconstruction of parts, that had suffered from severe decay, and proposals made for future presentation and care. The artist commented on all subjects proposed, sometimes coming back to an issue again at a later instant of the interview. Due to the artworks complexity as well as the number of participants the interview lasted about 3 hours.
The interview was professionally recorded on DV. From the original a VHS video was made for easy access and 2 sets of DVDs (mpeg2) to be archived. The data were as well copied on a server promising to be taken care of in the future. A video with selected episodes of the interview is in the making.

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