5. Neue Galerie - Sammlung Ludwig, 1976/77 (1976/77)
creator(s) Cornelia Weyer (conservator/art historian)
contributor(s) Ulrike Rosenbach (artist); Stefan von Wiese (curator)

Exhibition entitled "Ulrike Rosenbach, Foto, Video, Aktion" at Neue Galerie - Sammlung Ludwig, Aachen (now "Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst"), which may also be regarded as the date at which the installation was created. All the current elements of the installation, including the colour photographs of stills of the technicolor film "Die Amazonen kommen" ["The Amazons are Coming"], now already form part of the installation. Only the photo on the target is possibly another version than the actual one (the Parisian original represented in the catalogue with converted sides?)

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