Untitled (2000)
Kinoshita, Suchan

contributor(s) Bonnefantenmuseum
collection Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht

The Bonnefantenmuseum has three works installations by Suchan Kinoshita in its collection. Untitled, 2000, consists of a ’Japanese house’ with four rooms, with a total floor space of 3.71 x 9.15 metres. The floorboards are made of pallets, which are visible in one room, covered with wood in two rooms and carpeted with artificial grass in the fourth room.

The outside is constructed completely from traditional Japanese sliding doors, covered with Shoji rice paper. Each room has a specific set-up and two rooms are accessible to the public. Sound plays an important role in this work, and there are four separate sound elements. The ’house’ is hidden from view by a wall constructed of styrofoam sheets kept in balance with polyurethane foam and wooden skewers.

3,71 x 9,15m