Larger Than life (2001)
De La Cruz, Angela

collection Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Sevilla, Espaņa

The work is formally a classical painting but its material appearance oscillates between painting, sculpture, and installation.How can it be one thing and the opposite at the same time? The artist displaced the piece to adjust it in a new space. The museum gallery is now trapped within the painting.The design is very simple, just paint (acrilyc and oil) on canvas fixed on stretcher. But it is a large canvas (10,66 x 8,65 m) and it has a deconstructive stretcher, duplicated, stucks, broken or dislocated from their margings. It then was aggressively manipulated, with many people and a long process of installation. In addition the spatial characteristics of the place should be taken into account: an old building but within the first contact it has a ’catch’. The artist choose this suggestive place in the Monastery because she wanted to relate the big object with a smaller room and see what happens.