De La Cruz, Angela (1965)
La Coruņa, Spain
works and lives in London, UK

Angela de la Cruz studied at Goldsmith College and the Slade School of Fine Arts, and is presently teaching at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. She is very familiar with the Western pictorial tradition and the various discussions on the status of painting that have occurred throughout history. She is a part of it because she creates paintings. However, at the same time she has distanced herself from it because her art continuosly questions the nature of the artistic medium and its products.

In consonance with the aesthetic lines of research that have progressively developed in her art, Angela de la Cruz divides her work into five categories:

‘Everyday Paintings’, paintings that interact with others to create object-paintings.

‘Site-specific Paintings’, paintings that adapt themselves to the place where they are being exhibited (e.g. Larger than life)

‘Commodity Paintings’, paintings that refer to a series or repetition of concepts.

‘Recycled Paintings’, paintings that re-use pictorial elements, such as canvases or frames, to paint over paintings.

‘Still-life Paintings’, paintings of objects