Los Zorios (1995)
Zorio, Gilberto

collection IVAM, Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno, Valencia, Espana

The work Los Zorios by Gilberto Zorio is a sibilant, mobile, aerial installation, combining movement, light and sound as processes that express the perpetual flow of energy and the changes it brings about, in this case, in our perception as observers of a plastic act. It is made of different materials: some are organic (leather wineskins) and anothers are inorganic materials like aniline, vaseline, lanoline, alcohol, steel, copper, a glass crucible, copper sulphate in water, compressors and halogen lamps. It needs not less than 6 meters of space surrounding to be installed because its material dimensions are 3,68 x 3,50 x 6,65 m, and it is moving everytime.

Dimensions variable