Mapping the Studio II (2001)
Nauman, Bruce

collection Centre Pompidou, Paris; Kunstmuseum, Basel; Tate. London

MAPPING THE STUDIO II with color shift, flip, flop, & flip/flop (Fat Chance John Cage) 2001 is a video installation screened as seven large-scale projections on the gallery walls. The original material was shot by Nauman in his studio at night, over a period of several weeks in 2000 using the night vision mode of his digital video camera.

Tate created an e-learning site on the preservation and presentation of Mapping the Studio II. This site offers interviews with the artist and Tate's curators. A section on production, preservation and presentation provides an in-depth look into the technology behind Mapping the Studio II and introduces the issues involved in preserving installation art. A section on related themes discusses some of the wider issues surrounding museum ownership of installation art and provides links to other useful sites and texts.

Click external link to access Tate's e-learning site on Mapping the Studio II.