London seminar/workshop (22 & 23 March 2007)

The final Inside Installations seminar was organised by the Tate Modern, London and was titled: Shifting practice, shifting roles? Artists’ Installations and the museum.

This seminar explored the idea that artists’ installations art draw into sharp focus the way in which contemporary artistic practice can potentially shift the organisational logic of the museum.

Where is the dividing line between the artist and the curator? How should artists’ installations be conserved and reinstalled? How does this practice affect notions of artistic authorship? This conference will look at places of friction and resistance between contemporary art and traditional museum conventions, and consider how the roles of conservator and curator are evolving in response to particular artistic practices.

Day 2 was for project participants only and consisted of an evaluation workshop.

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Pip Laurenson: Introduction
Saskia Sassen, How major global changes are reflected in some of the basic tenets of the museum
Jill Sterrett, The museum’s response to installation art in terms of shifting practices within conservation and the challenges of custodianship
Bruce Altshuler, Exhibition, Collection, Re-creation
Panel Discussion 1 moderated by Ysbrand Hummelen
Vivian van Saaze, Doing artworks. An ethnographic study into a case study of the Inside Installations’ project
Andrzej Przywara, Preservation of Edward Krasinski’s studio in Warsaw and the preparation for the retrospective exhibition of Krasinski’s work
Daniel Roesler, The Reconstruction of Oiticica’s Cosmococa – CC4 Nocagion
Panel Discussion 2 moderated by Teresa Gleadowe
Claire Bishop, What is a curator?
Alex Farquharson, When can an exhibition be a work of art?
Panel Discussion 3
Final Panel