Elk, Ger van(1941-03-09)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
works and lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In his work Ger van Elk focuses on the perception and the functionality of the image and the object in art, and in Western culture in general. He is often referred to as a conceptual artist, having been part of ’When attitudes become form’ in 1968 and having worked closely with Bas Jan Ader, although his work consists of more than merely the idea. His favorite tools for exploring the nature of the image are photography and film, which he uses in an unconventional way in combination with various other materials and techniques, creating unique painterly or sculptural work.

Photographically rendered images are often manipulated after processing, either by airbrush, crayon, watercolour, paint and more recently by digital techniques. The idea of the artwork lies within its own relation to reality, sometimes foregrounding the role of the artist herein, the artwork itself or the function of the image. Once the visual play in the artwork becomes apparent it will make the spectator become aware of the act of looking, invoking reflection upon visual perception of the artwork and of art in general. It may be clear how the image in the work of Ger van Elk needs to be in such a condition that the intended visual impact is generated.

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