Albert's Ark (1990)
Spinhoven, Bill

collection ICN Collections, Rijswijk
case Researchers Gaby Wijers (conservation researcher), Ramon Coelho (conservation technique) NIM/Montevideo, Amsterdam, Simone Vermaat, ICN Collections, Rijswijk, Bill Spinhoven (artist, conservation researcher)

The installation Albert's Ark consists of a monitor, a computer (program), a camera and a sundial sculpture. The camera is mounted in the upper section of the pole, a mirror is attached to capture the movements and images of the spectator, while the monitor screen projects these images. The time stretcher technique deforms the images due to the fourth dimension: time. The viewer walking around the installation will, at a certain point, see the distorted image of his body on the monitor. By trying various movements, he will literally be able to wriggle into the most unlikely postures.
The work is representative of the 'state of the art' technological advancement of the 1980's and beginning of the 1990's, which is at this moment in time (2007) rapidly becoming obsolete.

diameter 270cm, height 50cm, pole 200cm (approx)