Revolution, a monument for the television revolution (1990)
Shaw, Jeffrey

contributor(s) Tjebbe van Tijen (co-author); Huib Nelissen (constructor); Gideon May (software developer); Charly Jungbauer (hardware developer); Bas Bossinade (hardware developer)
collection ICN Collections, Rijswijk; Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIM)/Montevideo
case researchers Gaby Wijers, NIM/Montevideo, Amsterdam and Simone Vermaat, ICN Collections, Rijswijk

In this interactive installation the spectator pushes a protruding handle attached to a steel column with a build in monitor. When turning the column around images are shown on the monitor. Pushing the handle in a forward position, 180 images of revolutions and social riots are being presented, starting with the French Revolution and ending with the Romanian revolt in 1989. By means of collage, colouring, distortion and added drawings the meaning of the original images is strengthened and renewed. Each image can only be viewed for 2 degrees, so if one wants to see them all the movement should be very slow, forcing the spectator to physical effort. A faster turning around would only result in a vague blur of revolutionary images. Pulling the handle backwards, the image appears of a millstone grinding grain to flour. One of the interpretations of the work is its reflection on history as a one way route, it cannot be turned back. The spectator is not a passive observer, but an active participant of history.

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124,0 x 64,9 x 44,0 cm, ICN K 90043