Project Description (1999)

As a second manifestation of a collaboration between painting and architecture by architect Greg Lynn and painter, Fabián Marcaccio, two disciplines are digitally fused into an installation exhibition at the Wexner Center for the Arts. Digital paintings by Fabian Marcaccio are printed on large scale clear plastic sheets. These sheets are vacuum formed with heat over 250 shaped foam panels. The printed computer formed panels are then assembled to form an environment that is three dimensional. The form work is developed by subdividing a complex curved surface into doubly curved panels. These are translated into three dimensional tool paths and transferred to a CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) routing machine where the form work for the physical panels are shaped from foam blocks. The project allowed the office of Greg Lynn FORM to purchase a CNC router capable of machining woods, composites, plastics, foams and metals at a 5' x 10' x 1' size. This collaborative installation of translucent digitally painted and digitally formed skins can be moved through, around and within presenting a variegated combination of spatial and pictorial sensibilities.

Materials: 235 deep-drawn Polyesterpanels, various sizes, single-sided with printed (ink-jet) plastic sheets, dyed silicon (oil-resin based colors and oil based ink), cable ties, 12 Aluminiumbars (10 and 14 mm).

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