Six Project's Events (2007)
publisher ICN, Amsterdam

During the project 6 events were organised, by the 5 co-organisers and the project coordinator. These seminar/workshops were an opportunity, not only for project participants to come together, but also an opportunity for other interested individuals to attend.

Each event had a two day programme and apart from the first event, which was open to project participants only, the first day was always open to all interested public and took the form of a seminar. These seminars were attended by a variety of people, from students (both conservation and art history) to university lecturers in sociology for example.

Day-two of the events was attended by project participants and selected guests. These events took the form of workshops during which particular research themes were discussed and worked on.

In large-scale project such as Inside Installations, the 6 events proved crucial not only for the exchange of knowledge and experiences gained, but also to increase trust amongst project participants. This better understanding of each other’s professional background and ideas resulted in increased creativity and productivity in realising the project deliverables. In addition, meeting each other on a regular face-to-face basis opened up new working relationships that were not anticipated from the start.

Each event was documented (filmed and/or powerpoint presentations) so that much of the knowledge shared at the time can now be accessed via the project website.

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