05. List of works
creator(s) Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven

List of works in chronological order:
M/M (Paris)
AnnLee: No Ghost Just a Shell, 2000
slkscreen, 170.5 x 117 cm
  AnnLee did not have a personality until a number of different artists decided to bestow her with life. That is why the project related to her character has been given the subtitle ’No Ghost Just a Shell’, a title that refers back to the classic Manga film ’Ghost in the Shelf’. On this wallpaper the Shell logo is substituted for the word. AnnLee gazes at us from the background.

Philippe Parreno
Anywhere Out of The World, 2000
video, 3 min. 5 sec., included in the robot
  AnnLee introduces herself in this video work and explains how she is purchased as a Manga figure in Japan. She is an imaginary character who reflects about herself, a quality that others of her kind do not possess.

M/M (Paris)
Wallpaper Poster 1.1 (AnnLee colours: Anywhere Out of The World), 2000
silkscreen, 171.1 x 117 cm
  Wallpaper to go with the video work of Philippe Parreno.

Pierre Huyghe
Two Minutes Out of Time, 2000
video, 4 min. 50 sec., included in the robot
  Two minutes of our attention is even more than AnnLee dared to hope for when she was first drawn in Japan. She was created as a minor character for a comic strip or an animated cartoon. She has now become the main character. She sees us the way we see her: as an image.

M/M (Paris)
Wallpaper Poster 1.3 (AnnLee colours: Two Minutes Out of Time), 2000
slkscreen, 171.1 x 117 cm
  Wallpaper to go with the video work of Pierre Huyghe.

Pierre Huyghe & Philippe Parreno
Travelling Pod, 2003 (robot)
  This robot was built in 2003 - in collaboration with Philips - according to the instructions of Pierre Huyghe and Philippe Parreno to display a few of the video works of the AnnLee Project at different spots in the exhibition space. The exterior is based on a design by Philippe Parreno.

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster
AnnLee in Anzenzone, 2000
video, 3 min. 25 sec., edition: 4/5
  AnnLee enters the frame from the right and speaks in Japanese (her ’mother-tongue’) via the right sound channel. When a second AnnLee appears, the sound becomes stereo and the spoken language changes to English. AnnLee tells us that there is no security zone, no separation between the screen where she appears and ourselves.

M/M (Paris)
AnnLee in Anzenzone, 2001
silkscreen, 170.2 x 117.1 cm
  Wallpaper to go with the video work of Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster.

Pierre Huyghe
One Million Kingdoms, 2001
video, 6 min. 45 sec., edition: 4/6
  In a desolate volcanic landscape the journey to the centre of the earth begins, a story by Jules Verne. Here test shooting was also done to prepare for the filming of the moon landing. So this landscape in the 1960s already foreshadowed the faraway moon landscape where the Lunar Module still had to land. In a reproduction of this landscape, AnnLee walks around as if she is travelling in time. She seems to be made of neon and is translucent.

Liam Gillick
AnnLee You Proposes, 2001
video, 3 min. 5 sec., edition: 4/4
  Accompanied by illusory images, AnnLee recites a feverish monologue about a dream garden and other imaginary places.

François Curlet
Witness Screen, 2002
video, 5 min. 26 sec., edition: 2/8
  A woman who is recruited via an advert in the newspaper recounts in four episodes her attempts to crawl into AnnLee’s skin. At the outset she progressively succeeds in giving the personage of AnnLee form, but after four months she gives up and puts her own life first.

M/M (Paris)
AnnLee: Witness Screen, 2002
slkscreen, 171 x 116.7 cm
  Wallpaper to go with the video work of François Curlet.

Pierre Joseph & Mehdi Belhaj Kacem
Théorie du Trickster, 2002
video, 35 min., edition: 1/8
  In a philosophical discourse given in French, with a simultaneous translation recorded in English, AnnLee talks about the difference between image, description, film, representation in brief and real life.

M/M (Paris)
AnnLee: Théorie du Trickster, 2002
silkscreen, 170 x 116.8 cm
  Wallpaper to go with the video work of Pierre Joseph and Mehdi Belhaj Kacem.

Rirkrit Tiravanija
(Ghost Reader C.H.), 2002
video, circa 9 hours, edition: 1/4
  AnnLee reads aloud from the science-fiction story ’Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ by Philip K. Dick. Much Like a writer can be a fabricated person (’ghost writer’), so is AnnLee a fictitious reader here (’ghost reader’). The combination of virtual reader, a story that takes place in the distant future and a number of characters in the story that are perhaps even ’more fabricated’ than AnnLee herself, makes us realize that there is an immense virtual world about which we know practically nothing.

Melik Ohanian
I Am Dreaming About a Reality, 2002
video, 4 min. 20 sec. Edition: 1/6
  AnnLee is a teenager with dreadlocks and a particular taste in music. Melik Ohanian attempts to drag AnnLee away from the Art World.

Pierre Huyghe & Philippe Parreno
Skin of Light, 2001
Neon, 80 x 58 x 4,5 cm, Edition: 11/12
  The head of AnnLee is produced in neon. With this skin of light she can also appear in places where there are no video monitors.

Joe Scanlan
Last Call, 2002
Painting, 157.1 x 97,1 x 2.9 cm
  Prior to of her suicide, AnnLee makes one last telephone call. We see her painted as a comic strip figure, kneeling with a cell phone pressed to her ear.

Joe Scanlan
DIY or How To Kill Yourself Anywhere in the World for Under $399, 2002
  Manual for building a coffin using the parts of an IKEA closet.

Joe Scanlan
Do It Yourself Dead on Arrival (AnnLee), 2002
  Coffin for AnnLee, made from the parts of an IKEA closet according to the above-mentioned manual.

Joe Scanlan
Nesting Bookcase, 1997

Richard Phillips
AnnLee, 2002
Painting, 198.1 x 248.9 cm
  This painting is based on a still from the video animation ’Anywhere Out of The World’ by Philippe Parreno. Here AnnLee displays an image of herself, as she was when purchased at the Japanese company K-Works.

Henri Barande
Sublimation, z.j.
Painting, 250 x 214.5 x 6 cm
  Portrait of a woman.

Angela Bulloch & Imke Wagener
AnnLee Konnektikit, Chiffrevue - Polypop – Lunaphon, 2002
3 objects, 18.5 x 23 x 16.5 cm, 5.8 x 18 x 10.7 cm, 7.9 x 24.5 x 19 cm
  The ’Konnektikit’ serves to create connections between the world of AnnLee and our world: the ’Lunaphon’ transforms light into sound, the ’Chiffrevue’ is a decoder for graphs and ’Polypop’ are bumpy white forms that can be attached to each other.

Anna Lena Vaney
Asleep in the Deep; AnnLee: No Ghost Just a Shell, 2002
music, 13 min. 55 sec.
  Dreamy music, written especially for AnnLee.

Lily Fleury
A Worm in an Apple, 2002
  The content of this magazine was conceived by LilyFleury together with two psychiatrists and specifically tailored to the imaginary character of AnnLee. All her confusion, fears, dreams and fantasies are taken intoaccount.

Pierre Huyghe & Philippe Parreno
No Ghost Just a Shell, 2003
  with contributions by: Pierre Huyghe, Stefan Kalmar, Philippe Parreno, Beatrix Ruf, Hans Ulrich Obrist (conversations). In these conversations the origins and development of the project round AnnLee are examined.

Maurizio Lazzarato
Dialogism and Polyphony, 2002 (essay)
  Essay about the work of the Russian revolutionary philosopher Mikhail Bakhtin.

Molly Nesbit
Done, 2002 (essay)
  Essay with variations on Hérodiade and L’après-Midi d’une Faune by Stéphane Mallarmé.

Israel Rosenfeld
Dr. Arnold T.P. West’s Thoughts On the AnnLee Case, 2002 (essay)
  The biologist and philosopher Rosenfeld has the imaginary neurologist Dr. Arnold T.P. West reflect upon the existence of AnnLee.

Maurice Pianzola
Painters and Villains, 1993 (essay)
  This essay is an historical investigation into the identity of the painter who, at the beginning of the sixteenth century in Germany, painted a farmer’s shoe, symbol of rebellion, on a banner.

Jan Verwoert
Copyright, Ghosts and Commodity Fetishism, 2002 (essay)
  Philosophical quest into the identity and the essence of AnnLee.

Kathryn Davis
AnnLee Darling, 2002
  Thoughts of the fictitious parents about their child AnnLee.

Hans Ulrich Obrist
How AnnLee Changed Its Spots, 2002
  Reflection about the development of the AnnLeeproject form the beginning up to and including the purchase by the Van Abbemuseum.

Jean-Claude Ameisen
To Be or Not To Be...Nothing More...Perchance To Dream
  Conversation with immunologist Ameisen about the extent to which AnnLee can be considered a living being.

Luc Saucier
AnnLee Association Articles, 2003 (legal contract)
(Assignment of Rights Contract Governing the Author of AnnLee)
  Legal contract in which the rights to AnnLee are handed over to herself.

M/M (Paris)
Cabinet (Any Kind Of Imaginary Materials), 2004
varnish, silk screen on wood, silkscreen on woolen carpet
carpet: 121 x 173 cm, furniture: 42 x 77,8 x 37,8 cm
  A Showcase to display documentation material related to No Ghost Just a Shell, 1999-2002, to be used as a tiny library or documentation spot. edition 2/8

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