Research Introduction (2007)
creator(s) ICN Research Department, Amsterdam

The project’s research goals were to develop guidelines for the care and administration of installation works of art. In concordance with the case studies of 33 installation works, additional research studies were carried  out in those areas of conservation that are considered key for installation art. Most of those studies are innovative and inter-disciplinary in their approach. Using the expertise of a large number of professionals and the outcomes of the 33 case studies, this project provided a unique opportunity to investigate the problems at hand. A rich compendium of guidelines, models and reflective documents are the result of collaborative research.

Each of the project’s co-organisers held the responsibility for one of the special research activities and organised a seminar/workshop on this topic during the project. The themes were distributed amongst co-organisers on the basis of professional interest and experience. Project partners participated in special research studies across the five main themes.

This Research section of the website provides over 60 downloads resulting from around 15 special studies located in 5 areas of research.

The project’s research areas were:
1. Preservation strategies (Tate, London)
Including reflective documents: Risk assessment applied to installation works; The role of the conservator.

2. Artist’s participation (S.M.A.K., Ghent)
Including literature summaries: Interviewing; Designing qualitative research; Anthropology of experience; Phenomenological research methods.

3. Documentation and archiving strategies (Restaurierungscentrum Düsseldorf)
Including models and guidelines: The Inside Installations Documentation Model; Documentation structure; Document manager; Documentation of light; Documentation of movement; Documentation of sound; Measurement of installations; 3 D documentation of installations; Video documentation of installations.

4. Theory and semantics (ICN/SBMK)
Including: Glossary of installation art; Publications: Restoration theory applied to installation art; Conservation strategies for modern & contemporary art.

5. Knowledge management and information exchange (MNCARS)
Including reflective document: Knowledge management and information exchange

Evaluation workshop
At the project’s final workshop (held in Tate Modern, March 2007) various strategies were employed to ensure that the knowledge gained from the project’s case studies was made accessible and communicated to those engaged with the broader research goals of the project. The approach and results of this workshop are being described in the download.

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