To replace or not to replace? Photographic material in site-specific conceptual art (2005)
creator(s) Sanneke Stigter (conservator/art historian)
publisher James & James/Earthscan

This paper discusses the issue of replacement of photographic material in (conceptual) installation art in relation to a site-specific character, illustrated by an installation by Joseph Kosuth, 'One and Three Glass' (1965) and a sculpture by Ger van Elk, 'The Wider the Flatter' (1972). A lot of questions arise when these matters are discussed and contradicting opinions become apparent. These different views combined with art historical research gradually lead up to the decision-making process of possible conservation treatments and a guideline to re-installation.

ICOM-CC has kindly granted permission for publication on this website.

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ICOM Committee for Conservation Conference Preprints 14th Triennial Meeting The Hague 12-16 September 2005, Vol. I
pp. 365-370, London, ISBN 1-84407-253-3

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