Video Documentation of Installations (April 2007)
creator(s) Karen te Brake-Baldock (project manager); Sami Kallinen (co-author); Gaby Wijers (co-author)
publisher Netherlands Institute for Cultural Hertiage / ICN

This course is designed for professionals who work in museums and other cultural organisations to gain insight into current theory and practice of documenting installation artworks on video.

The course is made up of two modules, a test and a clip library.

Module 1
Theory: Video documentation of installations
Video lends itself to creating a variety of useful documentation of installations. This module asks questions such as: What categories of video documentation exist? What issues need to be considered when trying to capture the essence of an installation? The module includes clips with examples.

Module 2
Practice: Documenting (video) installations on video
This module is a practical guide to help you to produce your own video documentation of an installation and includes clips illustrating technical issues such as how to set the white balance on your camera.

After completing the modules, asses your knowledge with this 30 question multiple-choice test. (No longer working!)

Clip library
Browse through the example videos from Module 1 as well as four supplementary interviews with case researchers from the Inside Installations project who describe their experiences with video documentation.

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